Into the Eyes of Plenty and Splendour

Into the Eyes of Plenty and Splendour

Mother made all of our clothes,
so I’ve never been a caricature
of high fashion. I was cloaked
from an early age in good sense,
courage, and honour. But just
for that one day, she and I
turned from such mighty virtues,

our noses sharp as an autumn
evening as we poked them
into long-necked scented bottles,
and cherished tints and powders
in faint colours of fleshy dust.
We stopped for lunch, paused
for the sake of good digestion,
and watched as the hands
of the clock coveted our day.


Found and Remixed text from my personal journal and “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens, pages 293-295. “Bleak House” is in public domain at Project Gutenberg. Image from Unsplash: CC-00