Poetry Chain Day 1: Found Prose

Dancing with a Curiosity

The day is all alive – like a fair, and the windows have something new to stare at — summoning their gaze inward for a time, their skittling eyes tracking me like white gloves across dustiness. And I am dancing with a curiosity. Dancing, dancing, sweeping moments of love and loss under cover of night, and I belong to no one — and everyone. I dance to remnants of music, whispers at every turn. Everyone dances to their own tune; that song that keeps playing in your head.



Found and remixed text From: Dickens, Charles. “Bleak House, of 265-267” iBooks Store: https://itun.es/gb/BnmVD.l




Poetic Asides: Found Crafts

Found Crafts

crafty crook
and clever cunning
crafty pots,
quilting, sewing –
skilful, dexterous,
what we’re making
crafty, craftsy,
tinker, showing –
crafting classes,
workshops, patterns
arts and fabrics,
paper sticking –
stockists, lockets,
jewellery making
crafty kits, paint
brushes, glueing


This collection of words are all found on Bing when searching for “Crafty”. Remixed.
written for Poetic Asides: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/wednesday-poetry-prompts-304