Writing Dreams for Margo

The Wind was a Gallop

Oh to the worse
that warning rang,
a rise
toward our rattling leap.
We thought our frolic our pattering feet,
and so we chased the wind
into a galloping dance.
We sang a chorus with tolling bells,
ran with summer
and turned a billow roar.
We were our
dizziest days
grasping at balustrades,
and we toppled
and tumbled,
tipped ourselves
out of youthful dreams
into a streaming



Inspired and remixed from a poem by Victor Hugo, “The Djinns” (“Murs, ville et port”) Written for Margo’s Summer Dreams prompt


Goodnight and Bless


Goodnight and Bless

I am that creased mingle in his dreams,
that eccentric humour, a habitable pocket,
like a lost sweet (sans fuzz), or a petulant

weathercock or a wet capricious wind.
Such are the promises of a child’s sleep –
tin people and stalking horses painted

up in primary colours, a crafty world
woven together at night. I watch. Wonder
where his worldly pillow takes him.

Good night, and bless.


For my beautiful grandson, Ethan.
Inspired by Charles Dickens’s Bleak House