Inspired by “Clouds”

Set Against Water

half frozen,
into a bubble


Inspired by Found Poetry Review and JF Ptak Science Books Quick Post on “Clouds”, and written for Miz Quickly’s Stone Nail Soup prompt.  Note: “Found” text is from JF Ptak Science Books, Quick Post from “A Vapour Ascendeth from Water (1726)”, Gutenberg Project, and the poem “Clouds”.



Moonbeams Dancing

Just for the fun of it, this is an example of Erasure Poetry. This is a page of text where the image is layered with only a selected few words showing through. The original text is from Victor Hugo’s collection of poems  “1888“. More examples of the fun at Found Poetry Review can be seen at my profile page The Found Poetry Review’s PoMoSco Challenge. Wander around and enjoy the fun.


The Time Is Eight Minutes to Eleven, and


The Time Is Eight Minutes to Eleven, and …

We were all a splendid obedience,
an affection,
by consent

with our uncertain ideas
up stoneware pipes
and vitrified
in sewers, and

that year remained in tomorrow
with those splendid
white ruff cats – a
mistaken wish.




Poem form: The Minute (60 syllables)
Text Found and remixed from the Text Clock at 22:52pm, 9 Feb/15

The Time is Five-Forty-Six in the Afternoon

The Time is Five-Forty-Six in the Afternoon

An affair, that heavy burden, slipped,
taken for its trouble. And those stares
into hours of madness, into heat and dust.

Those lamentable bonfires, but she retains
his letters. He need not have. That ring.
He stood in coat-tails, singing, inaudible,

and the air grew round and nodding.
Found him in the morning, lost
in the voice of flags and a bugle.



revised 7 Feb: 22.46,
written for Found Poetry Review, Text Clock