The Village Uniform


The Village Uniform

Much has changed in my life. Village life
changes everything. It’s not an easy
place to keep secrets, even though most
claim to keep themselves to themselves.
We’re all sneaking a peek at the person
queued ahead at the post office, who
is sending what where, how many

Christmas stamps did they buy, as if
that number reveals the size of your
inner circle of friends, who buys cheap
wine at the co-op’s shop, and who
buys a dozen mixed-colour carnations
at Texaco. And the recycle man, he
must know more than he should about

us all, paper with grocery lists, to-do-
lists, love notes, and who scrubs inside
empty tins with soap and water, and
who’s messy enough to leave a few
Heinz beans stuck firm as Polygrip
inside the can. Everyone gossips,
everyone thinks they keep secrets,

but these are village secrets,
the village uniform.



For Miz Q “Uniform”
image WikiCommons:
Public domain.


3 thoughts on “The Village Uniform

  1. A wonderful journey back in time, and I agree with the commenter wolfsrosebud, there was respect then, too, much more than we see today. Thank you so much for this lovely post. Happy Easter to you. 🙂

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