When a House Calls You

When a House Calls You

The house is there in all weathers,
that empty house with its
muddy porch, its black pebble
foot-track, and weeds held,
firm rooted, stretching
thru cracks like gay
cowlick sprouts.

And there’s an old thorny
rose vine wrestling
up its height, gravity
and science be damned –
that vine’s a miraculous act.

It climbs with saintly
fortitude, and surely angels
speak in admiration
of its ascent without
benefit of wings.

And right on cue,
the estate agent arrives.




Sunday Whirl 199: empty, held, memory, saintly, crack, track, wrestle, pebbles, cue, act, science, angel


10 thoughts on “When a House Calls You

  1. Magical – isn’t it shame the estate agent has to seal the deal..i hope it is a heavenly pact…given the reputation of estate agents and all….enchantingly written and can i move in too!


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