Cast Transitions


Cast Transitions

I remember autumn twigs
that grate against the windows,
a scratch, a cure against
an itch, and ripened chestnuts

the size of eggs, cast in autumn
bronze, and pitchforks cleaned
and stored in sheds with birch
brooms tightened up with twine.

And I remember leaves dried
too crisp, cast and dancing over
cobbles, strewn loose to corners,
slipped like wishes in-between,

barn doors shut gentle on breezes,
and those rusty hinges oiled,
and the stable doors repaired
then shut. Autumn always casts

an impatient rattle, that monotony
of winter, and clouds cast our
thoughts grey and low and wistful
while we passed the long wet days.



written for Margo’s Tuesday Tryout “cast”


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