A Long Cast of a Shot


A Long Cast of a Shot

The time was plenty for us.
Not so for all. This one small
shot bearing a long distance

off – it settled, its flight, torn,
cast long with awkward start.
To ground, from tree, and shot,

on a very warm and agreeable
night. My young friend and I,
had shot beauty from the sky.



Margo has us exploring the word ‘cast’ this week. Note: I have never shot not touched a gun. Borrowed words and phrases remixed from The time is three minutes until eleven at night, Source: Text Clock at http://rossgoodwin.com/clock/


13 thoughts on “A Long Cast of a Shot

    1. Really? It’s sourced from three different paragraphs on the text clock, so it should be three different books. One was about Vikings, one was about Ancient Rome, and I’m not sure about the last one but I think it was about food preparation.


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