The Time is Five-Forty-Six in the Afternoon

The Time is Five-Forty-Six in the Afternoon

An affair, that heavy burden, slipped,
taken for its trouble. And those stares
into hours of madness, into heat and dust.

Those lamentable bonfires, but she retains
his letters. He need not have. That ring.
He stood in coat-tails, singing, inaudible,

and the air grew round and nodding.
Found him in the morning, lost
in the voice of flags and a bugle.



revised 7 Feb: 22.46,
written for Found Poetry Review, Text Clock


8 thoughts on “The Time is Five-Forty-Six in the Afternoon

  1. This seems like a soldier boy blues. Yes, they are on the parade grounds all dusty. And there is always the Last Post but only at around !830 hours or so! Wonderful write! Brings back lots of memories!

    Btw Misky Ma’am. I’m at odds as Marilyn B had made comments half a dozen times or so but I couldn’t locate her blog positively. But today I made a discovery! There is an uncanny likeness of your portrait to that of Marilyn. Are you Marilyn? If yes then I’m so relieved I’ve found you! Been feeling so bad not returning comments to Marilyn all these while! If not, please help me to locate Marilyn. TQ!


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      1. I have started to play around myself by finding odd combination of adjective and nouns.. There where quite a few in Bleak House, and it has started to be my new starting point writing poetry… hmm yes there are many addictive ways of writing poetry..


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