A Short Distance to Old


A Short Distance to Old

When you turn a key in a lock,
and rust grips it with age, you
diminish it to old. I was altered

and furrowed by age long before
my mother’s hip replacement. She
speeds along faster than me now

but she’s still old. And my hearing’s
a bit like scattered noise, but it’s
been so, long before my mother

had a hearing aid, and now her
hearing is better than mine but
she still pretends to be deaf.

And my mother says there aren’t
enough days in a year, but when
my bones ache, the day can seem

as worn and old as long grey hair.
But neither us keep anything
more worn than ourselves.



For Margo’s Tuesday Tryout




6 thoughts on “A Short Distance to Old

  1. I was always confused when I would encounter a person in their 70’s who still had a living parent; sometimes the child looked older than the parent. Life can be a harsh task master. Nice metaphors, imaginative take on the prompt.

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    1. My mother, bless her, is the beneficiary of medical science, and she has a new lease on life! No more pain, no discomfort, restored eyesight – extraordinary.


  2. There are so many truths in this poem. It’s fascinating — probably because I find it so relatable. I like the first stanza as the kick off. Very cool. It gave me plenty to think about before I had even moved to the second stanza.


    1. I managed to wedge the shed door key into the rusty lock, and then the darned thing wouldn’t turn or come out or do anything except glare at me … and that’s what started off the first stanza. And then I cut my finger on the key trying to remove it. So I was a slight bit miffed by the whole day. Gladly it turned into this poem. 😀

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