A Cold Confidence


A Cold Confidence

Snow is re-marking the road,
drawing it new as a curiosity.
It rolls and grows like a great

morbid secret, a cunning
appearance where deceit is
a frankness. And so we proceed

in cold confidence into this flat
riddle, engaging in its white
distance, as we set for home.



for dVerse “snow”


Inspired by Bleak House, Charles Dickens

Photo from C. Gunther The Kitchens Garden
and used with permission. C. retains all image (c)


29 thoughts on “A Cold Confidence

  1. Oh, I can really picture this.. Sometimes in my area it really is hard to see where the road is…especially when one is driving through yet unplowed areas. The word ‘riddle’ really describes the phenomenum well!

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  2. Yes.. a new outlook on snow for me.. as one without it.. the roads of pavement are sure..practiced as true.. to know a new way of snow.. is to learn a new way to go…

    Snow is a creative gift that way.. but surely a cautious new way of life too..

    And i guess that is a lesson about life in snow.. as the path unworn.. is worth taking.. with due caution of course.. to avoid slipping away…:)

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  3. Lots of great poems here today which produce an almost visceral reaction in me… I guess I asked for it! Your poem is quite sinister, and yet very poised and calm, somewhat like Dickens’ opening chapter to Bleak House. I like the sharp contrast ‘deceit is a frankness’ and the ‘flat riddle’ of the road ahead.

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