In a State of Dark Dogs


In a State of Dark Dogs

You are my patron,
my perennial folly,
and winter falls on me
in clouds. How does one
rescue a mood, dark days
ticking ticking like the twitch
of a finger, calling to me
from half considered distance,
and I call back, as if rescue
was a far away thought,
but these are foolish measures,
a spread of repetitive pursuit.
And I race on, chase on,
begone winter blues, host
to aching greys. Spent,
and wrung to humility.
These clouds are millstones.





for Sunday Whirl Wordle 197: patron, day, rescue, measure, spread, race, state, host, spend, ticking, cloud, humility



12 thoughts on “In a State of Dark Dogs

  1. “perennial folly” + “host to aching greys” + “These clouds are millstones”–wow + wow + wow!!! You certainly know how to capture this state of dark dogs!!!


  2. I love love this flowing, these first words ‘winter falls on me
    in clouds’ setting the mood, and your persistent attempt to live in the each moment, ‘race and chase and begone winter blues’ ~ wonderful work with words!

    Liked by 1 person

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