Storm Song


Storm Song

That day had an appetite for sun shining.
Wind blowing. Shadowed light passing
the fields flocked with birds – black harps singing.
And I knew this day was too short lasting
when St Mary’s bells spilled the air ringing.
Changes, changes. Ringing clouds swelled
into thunderous sound.


dVerse wants a broken poem form, so the last two lines of
this Ottawa Rima were ‘broken’ and written  with internal
rhyme. Poem form Ottava Rima abababcc for dVerse

Found/remixed Bleak House and my 1991 Winter Journal


27 thoughts on “Storm Song

  1. Excellent. The air is expectant, the storm comes – a metaphor filled with sound and promising change..cleansing and renewal are what we want and hope for. Unfortunately change is slow and comes by degrees not all at once. We carry on and hold the torch of truth with peace.

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  2. Ottawa usurps Ottava Rima; love it; did not miss the changes; don’t fully understand “internal rhymes”; for me it when a word in two consecutive lines, in the middle, rhymes; & I accentuate that when I perform/read aloud/recite it; too much fun today out on the trail, right?


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