That morning was stripped and untied as wind
swept through the place, objects not tied down caught
up in its howl disappeared beyond my visual border.
It was a sort of natural psychosis,

the sort that fretful artists want to paint.
I expected, silly, to see Death’s blackened eyes,
a face shaded by old character in a deep monk’s hood.
And then as if bled of all its strength, the wind fell,

settled into an easy composure, a posture shift,
as if saying – Behold, I’ve filled your glass half full.
And so the morning went, bruised in the frankest
manner of that spontaneous burst of wind.




Written for A very rough draft which I might rewrite. I’d like to strip it down significantly.


12 thoughts on “Gust

      1. I dislike, intensely, the new look wordpress has given comments, through the statusbar icon. The former was so incredibly easy to glance at and know what’s there and what needs to be replied to. Ick. Ick. ick. So there.


      2. I just discovered that oddity when I tried to use the Comment drop-down from the menu bar this morning. Horrid. At least I can still use the old fashioned editor because the new ‘easy version’ is rubbish IMO. >

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  1. gusty is the word i am using for tomorrows post, the wind is very gusty here.. glass half full indeed..speaking of half filled glasses – mine is half empty! I love holidays with my children! c


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