Ten Found Thoughts


Ten Found Thoughts


Time tumbled in snow white beds, tables ready for everything.

Tininess of children echoed through forests, a parlour of whispers.

Outside we hear surprises, crystal streams bubbling in the sea.

A flower growing within a bottle, tied contently to water.

They moved house: knives, forks and spoons, and their winter.

Baby buggies and stony chimneys, all dusty as old rugs.

Long nights put out fires without fear of catching cold.

No laughing faces, no merry peals make an awful noise.

Twin houses, one with climbing vines, one none at all.

A house so lonely; cold, dark windows where she sat.




Text Found remixed from Friendly Fairies by Johnny Gruelle © 1919
Illustration also by Johnny Gruelle
Written for dVerse Poets: “Ten by Ten” prompt



25 thoughts on “Ten Found Thoughts

  1. nice…i like the tininess of children…we grew up in the woods…so we echoed there a bunch….the flower tied to the bottle of water was pretty cool as well…its an interesting relationship they had….sustaining life a little…


  2. Nice compilation of found/blackout & ten Word prompts; line 5 grabbed my eye, but many of them are striking, abstract, strong; nice job.


  3. Excellent! Each with its own depth. I like the way you presented them…each having its own line. I think my favorite is the one about twin houses. I can picture THAT one (and its meaning) vividly.


    1. I think it’s so interesting how everyone has different lines that catch their attention. We are all little marvels, Mary. Thanks for reading these and leaving me a comment. >


  4. oh, very cool to combine the ten word with the blackout…and the ten are one are ten again, the mind circles and regroups. Enjoyed this very much. Thank you.


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