The Hermit of St Mary’s Church


The Hermit of St Mary’s Church

The hermit of St Mary’s was a deranged,
enflamed, filet of a man, so thin that light
shone through him, like haze feigning fog.
He plumped himself with a cape to sustain
a more pleasing shadow, and he traipsed
from wood to home in muffled dropped
steps that projected indifference.

He never exchanged greeting with those
he met during his passage of the day.
He was our village hermit, and he lived
in an ashen cave by the trodden church
gate. His one possession – a gold chain
that no longer needed his pocket watch.
Time was unnecessary. Time was a luxury.




 Recollections of February 1991, Bletchingley, Surrey


Sunday Whirl Wordle Words: cape filet haze deranged
chain cave feign strain traipse sustain exchange enflame


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