A Cold Kiss Parting


A Cold Kiss Parting

My godmother was born
into a long whole life,
every necessity provided,
but on her dying hour

she clung on, completely
depleted. She bequeathed
me one cold parting kiss,
that filled my heart. I was

full and rich with sorrow.
And my sister held tight
a birdcage. A gift of passing
remembrance, nine stuffed

hummingbirds of green
and blue iridescent glory.
We sat on the porch step
of my godmother’s house,

quiet as virtue. Sat there
in the frosted cold, and
our breath hung in caged
clouds like those stuffed
iridescent hummingbirds.








Text Found and Remixed from Charles Dickens “Bleak House”
and my diary recollections of January 1991, Bletchingley, Surrey


23 thoughts on “A Cold Kiss Parting

    1. I have an absolute gold mine to hand with “Bleak House” Found text remixed with my old diaries. I’m glad that you enjoy them, and thanks for following along on this blog. Not many followers on Selma Siri yet. 😀 >


  1. It is open to reason that one gets to be blessed with all the goodness and virtues of grannnies if one is privileged. They are more amenable to wanting the best for their grandies unlike parents to their own offsprings. One gets more from a grandmother than from one’s own mother so to speak! Wonderful word craft Misky!



  2. You’ve taken my breath away…
    “quiet as virtue”… wow… smiles
    This beautiful poem touches with its words, so carefully used. I loved the significance of the hummingbirds and I can sense that the love your godmother gave must be irreplaceable… you have really depicted that in your poem ❤


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