The Passing


The Passing

Morning was sacred, deeply still in solitude.

You fetched yourself early to rise before the sun,
felt the impassive night break into dawn.

Tranquil was the chill of those hours,
when shadows of night become familiar by day,
but you slept deep in your bed, never to wake again.





Process Notes: I’ve been thinking of my father lately. He passed away 8-years ago next month. I’m no longer crippled by this loss but I do think of him almost every single day. I smile now. My father was a postman, by the way, and loved the mornings. Written for MLM, poem form “Cherita” 3 stanzas: 1 line, 2 lines, and 3 lines each that form a complete story. Inspired by text ‘Found” in Charles Dickens “Three Ghost Stories”.


12 thoughts on “The Passing

    1. It’s an interesting form. I rather like it. Viv, I hope that you’re “Following” the Selma Siri blog because I’ll probably stop reblogging these on Chalk Hills Journal soon.

      On Friday, 21 November 2014, Who Is Selma Siri wrote:



  1. The title, the photo, the word choices (for example, “you fetched yourself”)–all work together to create a refined scene full of emotional depth. Stunning.


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