Keep This Night Black


Keep This Night Black

I once observed the colour of night,
those sedate tones of clerical robes,
and I saw that light hurries from night,

it neither rests nor lingers long on black,
and low sun shudders, scuttles deep
into little pools, it falls into cracks

between uneven stones, and hides
in ivy’s hued hands. This sanctuary
of night drawn in the colour of rooks

is a sullied echo of black that I cannot
resist. I follow light and fall through
its cracks into a reverent keeper of black.

Written for NovPAD Day: 5,
“Keep This [blank]and ‘Found’
and Remixed from”The Mystery
of Edwin Drood”by Charles Dickens
along with recollections of
December 1990, Godstone, Surrey


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